Heat Pump Installation in Oviedo, FL

Achieve a new level of efficiency and performance with professional heat pump installation from Victory Cooling and Heating.

Each year, more Floridians are considering heat pump installation to protect themselves from the changing weather. Homeowners look for cost-effective ways to stay comfortable. In parts of the country where the air temperature does not drop below 40°F very often, heat pumps are an efficient way to stay cool in the summer and keep warm in the winter.

Experience the Difference with a Heat Pump

How is a heat pump different from a furnace or boiler? Other heating methods generate heat by burning a fuel such as natural gas inside your home. With a new heat pump, you will have:

  • A high SEER rating, indicating exceptional energy efficiency
  • No risk of carbon monoxide contamination
  • Combined heating and cooling
  • Quiet operation 

Quality Installation and Maintenance Matter

Installation mistakes can be costly with heat pumps, and not every contractor knows the best way to install a heat pump. Our fully licensed and insured heating and cooling company adheres faithfully to the best practices in the industry and only installs top-quality, modern technology. Once we’ve completed your heat pump installation, you’ll be able to count on:

  • Lower energy bills
  • A long service life with proper maintenance
  • Secure refrigerant lines to minimize the risk of leaks
  • Dedicated support and advice on efficient heat pump usage, including emergency service

You can buy a heat pump with a compatible air handler to send warm air through your duct system. However, many property owners opt for heating and cooling systems that include heat pumps and mini-split systems with separate indoor units for each room, allowing them to save money on their energy bills. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Install a Heat Pump in an Existing Home?

You can certainly replace a furnace or boiler with a heat pump or install a heat pump as a supplemental heating source without removing your existing furnace or boiler. If you install a new heat pump, you might be able to use existing ductwork and refrigerant lines.

Do Heat Pumps Use a Lot of Electricity?

A heat pump works like an air conditioner, using refrigerant to draw heat from the outside air. Heat pumps and air conditioners work on the same principles, so your new heat pump should use about the same amount of energy to keep you warm in the winter as it does when it keeps you cool in the summer.

Is a Heat Pump Installed Inside or Outside?

Like an air conditioner, it will have an outdoor unit and an indoor unit, or multiple indoor and outdoor units if it is a mini-split system.