Furnace Maintenance in Oviedo, FL

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With Florida’s typically mild winters, many homeowners pay more attention to summer storms and heat waves than they do to furnace maintenance. However, the weather is more volatile now than in the past, meaning Florida homeowners have to prepare for temperatures dropping below freezing. Contact us at Victory Cooling and Heating to maintain your furnace.

Why Does Regular Furnace Maintenance Matter?

Having your home’s heating system inspected and tuned up each fall can reduce the risk of problems such as:

  • Burst and leaking pipes
  • Unexpected furnace failures
  • Reduced indoor air quality
  • Carbon monoxide toxicity

With Victory Cooling and Heating, furnace maintenance is affordable and hassle-free. Take a moment to learn more about our furnace maintenance services so you’ll be ready when winter comes around.

What Do You Get with Furnace Maintenance Services?

A furnace is a complex piece of equipment with many parts that need to be clean and in good condition for the furnace to properly generate heat. Furnace maintenance involves a careful inspection of essential part, which may include the:

  • Combustion chamber
  • Heat exchanger
  • Chimney
  • Pilot light and burners
  • Valves and control systems
  • Belts
  • Thermostat and temperature sensors
  • Condensate drain line
  • Ventilation system and blower motor access door

The maintenance technician will go through a checklist to identify any obstructions or signs of wear and tear. Sometimes, fixing small parts like sensors and pilot lights can help the entire furnace system work more smoothly, improving performance and saving money on energy bills.

Schedule an Annual Maintenance Check Today

Don’t wait for your furnace to start showing signs of wear and tear. Enjoy year-round comfort with the support of your friendly neighborhood heating and cooling technicians. At Victory Cooling and Heating, we’re Veteran-owned and have helped our neighbors in Central Florida with heating and cooling for over 20 years.

Now is the time to set up a maintenance plan for your heat pump or gas furnace. Call Victory Cooling and Heating in Oviedo, FL at 407-340-2827 today to schedule annual furnace maintenance and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Often Should You Do Furnace Maintenance?

Typically, responsible homeowners schedule maintenance for their furnaces every year in the fall before they need their furnace. If you have your furnace checked in the fall, you are less likely to need emergency repairs during the winter. You can schedule maintenance more frequently if your furnace is not working at peak efficiency.

Why Should You Maintain Your Furnace?

Maintaining your furnace adds to the lifespan of the components of your furnace, increasing its efficiency and keeping utility bills low. Regular maintenance also provides reassurance that your furnace is in good operating condition and does not pose a safety risk.

Can I Do Furnace Maintenance Myself?

Unless you have specialized training and experience in furnace or HVAC maintenance, you should not attempt maintenance other than cleaning the filter or checking the pilot light. DIY work on your furnace could increase the risk of fire, explosion, or exposure to fumes from the furnace.