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Florida nights create the right mood for movies, sleepovers, or yard activities. The state’s proximity to the water also provides daily entertainment opportunities. However, the water and heat combine in a humid climate that can be detrimental to your home’s condition. You could be weighed down with beyond-balmy temperatures in your own home.

Victory Cooling and Heating offers dehumidifier installation and thermostat services in Oviedo and nearby counties. We put the temperature control in your hands.

Why Install a Whole-Home Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier installation services in Oviedo, FL boom during the summer. However, your indoor air quality can suffer without adequate control year-round. High interior humidity levels prime your home for damage and other problems like:

  • Mold and mildew growth
  • Peeling wall paint or wallpaper
  • Damaged electrical equipment
  • Insect infestations
  • Furniture degradation

The air quality in your home also affects your allergies and health. Too much humidity promotes dust accumulation and keeps it sticking to your house surfaces. If you notice more severe allergies during humid days, the answer may not be pollen but clingy humidified dust.

Getting a house dehumidifier can decrease that sticky sensation and prevent home problems. Your lungs will thank you for it.

Types of Dehumidifiers

Several kinds of dehumidifiers cater to each home’s needs. There are also two sizes, from single-room to whole-house dehumidifier systems. In Oviedo, FL, dehumidifier installation services cost more than store-bought single-room systems. House dehumidifiers create long-lasting relief while increasing your home’s equity.

You can either choose your preference or leave it to your installer to scope your property and see which whole-home dehumidifier fits best.

Heat Pump Dehumidifier

A heat pump dehumidifier is not the same as a regular heat pump. Instead of only changing the heat location, it condenses the water using heat exchanger coils, blowing cool air inside. Meanwhile, single-room dehumidifiers can create heat.

Dehumidifying Ventilators

These fan-based ventilators go in smaller spaces to ensure proper airflow. The dehumidifying aspect removes the moisture as it keeps your air fresh. A single room dehumidifier would only be effective in that one room.

Chemical Absorbent Dehumidifiers

Unlike the coils of a heat pump humidifier, chemical gels like silica attract water as the air flows through a chemical absorbent dehumidifier. This method of humidity collection also works on the whole house.

Living Humid in Oviedo?

Victory Cooling and Heating has licensed and insured technicians to work on your repair and maintenance needs. We also install new home dehumidifiers and specialize in various build types. Have a concern about your furnace instead? Learn more about furnace maintenance services

While there are several dehumidifier installation services in Oviedo, FL, our customers recommend our company for our attention to detail and careful consideration of your needs. Call 407-214-4769 today for your free quote.