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  • Unpleasant odor coming from A/C unit

  • Cooling system low or leaking refrigerant

  • Condenser drain is damaged or defective

  • Faulty temperature sensor or system wiring

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How To Know If Your Air Conditioning Systems Requires AC repair service?

It Needs AC Repair When There’s An Unpleasant Smell Or Odor

If your AC unit has started to release unpleasant odors or smells, there could be several reasons for that. Different kinds of smells signify different issues that could be wrong with your AC. These issues are listed below:

  • An AC that’s emitting stinky-feet-like odors means that it is probably clogged or dirty due to water that hasn’t properly drained; hence, it starts to smell.
  • If the AC starts emitting an odor that’s familiar to exhaust fumes, this probably means that the fluids present in some components of the AC, like the engine, is probably leaking.
  • An AC that starts to smell like gunpowder signifies that its circuit board or fan motor has shorted out.
  • If the AC starts releasing a skunk-like odor, this means that there is a gas leak in the system. This smell is probably methyl mercaptan and can be dangerous; hence, immediate action must be taken.
  • An AC system that starts to release odor similar to rotten eggs means that most probably there’s a dead animal there. Oftentimes, rodents and birds can take shelter within the air duct in the winter months, where they start to decompose if they have died.
  • An AC system that smells like mildew signifies that there’s probably the growth of fungus taking place either in your unit or somewhere close to it. This occurs when the AC is unable to get rid of the excess moisture; hence, mold starts to grow in those areas. Plus, dirty AC filters also smell like mildew.

When The Cooling system Is Low Or Leaking Refrigerant

An air conditioner that’s low on refrigerant was either not properly charged during installation or it has a leak. In the case of a leakage, adding more refrigerant is not going to solve the problem. That leak would need to be fixed, and then the system should be checked in order to see if the repair worked. Next, the system should be properly charged with the right amount of refrigerant. The efficiency and also the performance of your air conditioner is at its optimal level when the refrigerant charge matches the specifications of the manufacturer exactly. This means it should not be undercharged or overcharged. Moreover, refrigerant leaks are also not good for the environment and can be harmful.

When The Condenser Drain Is Damaged Or Defective

Another reason your air conditioner unit needs repair is when the condenser drain gets either clogged, damaged, or is defective. The condenser drain is a crucial component of the air conditioner. It helps in transporting accumulated water out of your air conditioner unit. Hence, when debris, dirt, or even algae builds up in the unit, there could be a partial or complete blockage, which results in clogging the drain and causing the air conditioner to leak. Plus, a damaged or a faulty condenser drain can also accumulate water; hence, causing a bad odor to emit from the AC, as mentioned above.

When There’s A Defective Thermostat Sensor Or System Wiring

The thermostat sensors present in air conditioners are the components within the system that is responsible for measuring the temperature of the room. It is these sensors that help the air conditioner when it comes to regulating the air’s temperature according to the control panel’s setting. Your AC’s thermostat sensor can be found close to the evaporator coils that are present inside the unit. When the air gets sucked or passed through the return vents, it passes by the coils and the sensor. Once it passes the sensor, it gets the reading of the temperature and then compares it to the reading with the thermostat’s setting. If there’s warmer air than your desired setting, then the sensor is going to activate the compressor, meaning it will start to cool the inside of your home. On the other hand, if the air that passes the sensor is the same temperature or lower on the thermostat, then it is going to shut the compressor off. This is how the thermostat sensor functions.

When a thermostat sensor is defective or there is a problem with the system wiring, it is unable to correctly and properly measure the temperature within the room. There are several signs that indicate a faulty sensor. For instance, the air conditioner does not turn off once your home reaches its set temperature. A defective sensor will cause the AC to continue blowing cold air causing the home to become extremely cold. If not fixed early, this can result in extra usage of energy, causing a high increase in the monthly utility bill. Moreover, another sign that indicates a faulty sensor is when your system continuously turns on and off and does not properly turn off once the temperature has reached its chosen settings. In this case, the air conditioner unit is going to turn off and on during random intervals.

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