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Don’t let small air conditioner problems turn into expensive emergencies—count on Victory Cooling and Heating for skilled AC maintenance that keeps things running smoothly.

When last did your Florida cooling system enjoy some professional AC maintenance? Whether your AC unit deteriorates over time, gradually loses energy efficiency, or fails suddenly due to a breakdown, there are usually warning signs. Some of the most common reasons for a breakdown include the following:

  • Dirty filters that block airflow
  • Leaky refrigerant lines
  • Worn-out motors
  • Miscalibrated sensors
  • Extra strain on your air conditioner

Thankfully, property owners can prevent these problems with affordable maintenance by Victory Cooling and Heating.

How AC Maintenance Optimizes Cooling Performance

Preventative air conditioning maintenance keeps the parts of your home’s air conditioning or commercial HVAC system in good working order. Scheduling regular service will also give our trusted technicians a chance to replace or repair old parts as soon as they notice the performance of your cooling system slowing. 

What benefits does maintenance offer over the long term?

  • Potentially lower energy bills
  • Faster and more consistent cooling
  • Cleaner indoor air
  • Quieter unit operation
  • Better airflow through vents and more
  • More years of enjoyment out of your system

What To Expect From a Professional Tune-Up

When our technicians arrive, they will already carry a detailed plan for your heating or cooling system’s inspection. The specifics of the maintenance checklist might vary, depending on the year and model, but our customers can generally expect the following:

  • We clean the filters, so contaminants won’t circulate to compromise indoor air quality
  • We check refrigerant levels, topping up as necessary
  • We examine refrigerant lines and coils if we detect low refrigerant levels, repairing any leaks along the way
  • We calibrate the thermostat and heat sensors for precise air temperature
  • We clean the evaporator drain and drain pan
  • We test the motor, fan blades, and other air handler components

We can also clean, sanitize, and deodorize the air conditioning ducts and vents. For this task, we use a specialized wet-dry vacuum and brushes. The results should improve your air quality and have your air conditioner working more efficiently.

Would you like a chance to consult with a local expert on the repairs? We can also offer advice on how to improve the efficiency and longevity of your heating and cooling system in Florida. 

Care For Your AC With Victory Cooling and Heating

At Victory Cooling and Heating, maintenance is about more than cleaning and fixing the mechanical components of your air conditioner. We aim to exceed your expectations, providing you with complete peace of mind that you can stay cool and comfortable. Feel free to browse a few of the testimonials on our site so that you can see what to expect from the quality of our work.

We recommend scheduling maintenance in spring or late winter while the weather is still relatively cool. That way, our technicians can work quickly without worrying about hurricane season interfering with maintenance or construction work.

Call Victory Cooling and Heating at 407-340-2827 today to schedule your next AC maintenance visit, and be sure to ask about convenient annual scheduled maintenance plans in Oviedo, FL.

Victory Cooling & Heating Provides Quality HVAC Services in Oviedo, FL and Beyond

At Victory Cooling & Heating, we understand the importance of maintaining a comfortable environment in your home or business. Located in the heart of Seminole County, we’re proud to be the go-to experts for all your HVAC needs in Oviedo, FL and additional areas we serve.  

Our Comprehensive HVAC Services

We offer these additional HVAC services:



Regular AC maintenance offers numerous benefits for your Oviedo home:

  • Improved efficiency and performance: Regular cleaning and tune-ups ensure your AC unit operates efficiently, leading to cooler and more comfortable summers.
  • Reduced energy bills: An efficient AC unit uses less energy to cool your home, saving you money on electricity costs.
  • Extended lifespan: Proper maintenance helps prevent premature wear and tear, extending the life of your AC unit.
  • Fewer repairs: Catching minor issues early through maintenance can prevent them from developing into major problems that require costly repairs.
  • Improved air quality: Regular cleaning helps remove dust, allergens, and other contaminants from your AC system, contributing to a healthier indoor environment.

Our comprehensive AC maintenance service in Oviedo includes:

  • Air filter inspection and replacement (if needed): We’ll check your air filter’s condition and replace it if dirty or clogged.
  • Coil cleaning: We’ll meticulously clean the evaporator and condenser coils to optimize heat transfer and efficiency.
  • Drain line cleaning: We’ll ensure proper condensate drainage to prevent moisture buildup and potential mold growth.
  • Blower motor inspection and lubrication: We’ll inspect and lubricate the blower motor for smooth operation and efficient airflow.
  • Electrical connections inspection: We’ll check all electrical connections for tightness and corrosion to prevent electrical issues.
  • Refrigerant level check (if applicable): We’ll verify proper refrigerant levels for optimal cooling performance.
  • System performance test: We’ll run your AC unit to ensure it’s cooling effectively and identify any potential problems.

For optimal performance and efficiency, we recommend scheduling AC maintenance in Oviedo at least once a year, preferably before the summer season begins.

If you use your AC unit frequently throughout the year, consider twice-a-year maintenance for added peace of mind.

Here are some indicators that your Oviedo home’s AC unit might be due for maintenance:

  • Reduced cooling capacity: If your home isn’t cooling as effectively as usual, it might be a sign of reduced efficiency due to neglect.
  • Increased energy bills: A significant rise in your electricity costs could indicate your AC unit is working harder due to inefficiency.
  • Strange noises: Unusual noises like grinding, banging, or screeching coming from your AC unit warrant a maintenance check.
  • Leaks around the unit: Moisture pooling around the outdoor unit or leaking from vents suggests a potential drainage issue that maintenance can address.
  • Inconsistent airflow: Uneven cooling throughout your home or weak airflow from vents could indicate clogged filters or dirty coils.

Our Oviedo AC maintenance plans offer several advantages:

  • Priority scheduling: Enjoy priority scheduling for your annual tune-up, ensuring timely service before the peak cooling season.
  • Discounted rates: Benefit from discounted rates on repairs and maintenance services compared to individual service calls.
  • Peace of mind: Knowing your AC unit is professionally maintained provides peace of mind and helps prevent unexpected breakdowns.
  • Extended warranty potential: Some AC unit manufacturers offer extended warranties with proof of regular professional maintenance.

You can definitely perform some basic AC maintenance tasks in Oviedo yourself. Here are a few:

  • Change your air filter regularly: Replace your air filter according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, typically every 1-2 months.
  • Keep the area around your outdoor unit clear: Remove leaves, debris, and overgrown vegetation to ensure proper airflow.
  • Clean the outdoor unit’s condenser fins: You can gently brush the condenser fins with a soft brush to remove any built-up dust or dirt.


For any tasks beyond these basic steps, it’s always best to consult a qualified HVAC technician like the ones at Victory Cooling & Heating to ensure your AC unit is maintained safely and effectively.

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